Yesterday Cllr Nicholas Prideaux (Barton Stacey Parish Council Chairman) along with Christian Dryden (Longparish Parish Council Chairman) were invited to attend a virtual meeting with Home Office

Officials to hear about the current plans for the site and for the PCs to ask questions to ensure that our concerns were understood.

It was a very useful meeting and they confirmed that it would be approximately 300 males accommodated at the site, which would likely be used in total for a 12 month period. What was also made clear was that due to on-going planning and environmental issues (which could take up to 12 weeks to conclude) any decision which will be made by Home Office Officials, over the site’s suitability, isn’t going to be for another couple of months at a minimum. If the site is at this point given the go ahead it would then take more time to source the accommodation and get the site ready for occupation.

Another virtual meeting will be taking place at the end of February/start of March and again the PC will communicate an update following this meeting.