Dear Residents

As part of the annual programme of works being carried out by Operation Resilience we will shortly be undertaking surface dressing at various locations within your division.

This treatment seals the pre-surface dressing patching works, preserves the existing surface and will follow the existing profile of the road. The process is fast, efficient, sustainable and extremely effective in prolonging the life of the carriageway, by preventing water ingress and improving grip.

We need to continue to deliver these works during the Covid 19 outbreak to ensure that the roads are in the best possible condition for when the restrictions are lifted and traffic volumes return to normal.

Roberts Road is on the list of sites that are programmed with current proposed start dates:

  • SD-TV21015 –  Roberts Road, Barton Stacey – 20th May 2021.

We are still in the months where inclement weather can be an issue and works programmes are more susceptible to change. There may be times when we have to postpone works at very short notice; based on the latest weather forecasts, this can occur just prior to works commencing. We will always look to provide up to date information wherever we can, but sometimes these last minute decisions can be difficult to relay to the travelling public in a timely manner. When we can, any significant changes to the scheduled dates will be made clear on the yellow sign boards located at the works limits.

Access for residents and businesses will be maintained when possible and safe to do so, pedestrian access to properties will not be affected, and emergency vehicles will have access at all times.

Information signs advising road users of the works will be erected before the start of works. A letter will be sent to local residents and businesses and an email will be sent to Test Valley Borough Council and the Parish Council offices to advise them all accordingly.

Should you have any queries or require further information please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards,


Richard Peach
Programme Manager – Planned Maintenance

Hampshire Highways