Cllr Phil North, Leader of Test Valley Borough Council has recently been posting weekly statistics from our area of Test Valley on his own Facebook page, so thought it might be useful to see the below.

***Northern Test Valley Coronavirus Stats***

Morning everyone. Please see below the latest coronavirus infection stats for our area, which I post every Saturday, so residents are aware of the number of new infections and the ongoing trends. It’s pretty dire news, I’m afraid, which underlines the new harsher restrictions we’re now facing.

The figures below are for the 7-day period up to the 3rd January (last Sunday). A day before we went into the third national lockdown.

Today’s numbers for the whole of Test Valley show 628 new cases over the last 7 days, 306 more than the previous week. Infections are now growing at a much faster rate too as last week we had a rise of 106 cases.

The rate for the whole of Hampshire shows 7,825 new infections over the last 7 days, 3,134 more than last week – pushing the rate above average.

In northern Test Valley we’ve had 129 more cases compared to last week.

Here is the breakdown by geographic area. The figures in brackets show the change in the number of infections from the previous week:

Andover, Charlton & Bourne Valley: (+15 cases) (Artists Way, Saxon Fields, Charlton, plus the Bourne Valley villages of Tangley, Wildhern, Hatherden, Hurstbourne Tarrant, Vernham Dean, Linkenholt, Netherton & Faccombe).

Andover London Rd & East Anton: (+45 cases) (This is the eastern side of Andover, Picket Twenty, Andover Down, Picket Piece and Augusta Park plus the villages of Enham Alamein & Smannell).

Andover Newbury Road: (+10 cases)(King Arthurs Way, Roman Way, Cricketers Way and River Way).

Andover Central: (+14 cases)

(The area north of the town centre, around the train station and the areas off Charlton Road).

Andover South: (+10 cases)

(The area at the bottom of Weyhill Road, Anna Fields and the area directly south of the Town Centre off Winchester road and Old Winton Road).

Andover West: (+3 cases) (Abbotts Ann, Anna Valley, Weyhill, Appleshaw, The Pentons, Burghclere Down and the area around The Drove).

Chilbolton, Clatford and Barton Stacey: (+14 cases) (This area covers the eastern part of Stockbridge, the northern part of Longstock, plus the Clatfords, Wherwell, Fullerton, Leckford, Chilboton, Barton Stacey, Longparish and Bullington).

Over Wallop & Shipton Bellinger: (+18 cases) (This is the area around Over Wallop, Palestine, Grateley, Quarley, Shipton Bellinger, Thruxton, Fyfield and Amport).

The rolling rate for Test Valley has now gone up to 498 infections per 100,000 people compared to 307 last week. The Hampshire figure is now at 566/100,000, up from 338 last week.

Unfortunately, this new more transmissible strain of COVID is now having a really significant impact on area and is spreading to all parts of the country. Hence the national lockdown.

The Andover London Rd & East Anton area now has more cases (99) than we had in the whole of Test Valley (93), just three weeks ago.

On Thursday, I was briefed by the Chief Executive of Hampshire Hospitals that they now have 185 covid positive patients across their three hospitals, compared to 122 the week before. That demonstrates the need to continue to follow the rules. If we all work together to protect each other whilst the vaccine programme is rolled out, then put simply, we’ll save lives.