Tuesday Club

Tuesday Club is a social club for the over 60s, open to anyone living in the parishes of Barton Stacey and Bullington.

The club meets at 2.30 pm on the third Tuesday of each month in the Village Hall. A wide range of activities are undertaken covering social, cultural and entertainment events, visits to places of interest both locally and further afield, and talks on topics of general interest.


Membership is drawn from residents of Barton Stacey and Bullington and other areas.  In December 2009 there were 50 members.

The number of non-resident members is restricted to a maximum of 30% of the total. This percentage is made up of members from Longparish who joined a long time ago and of members who have moved out of the parish but still wish to be part of the club.

The annual membership fee is £5.00.


Derek Green: 01962 760750
Peggy Carter: 01962 760590