Dear Residents

Following the cancellation of the second planned meeting by the Home Office the group met again on Monday 15th March which this time also included the Leader of Test Valley, Phil North, and the Leader of Hampshire County Council, Keith Mans.

The Home Office officials are still being asked by Ministers to continue to look at the suitability of the site in the parish for up to 300 male Asylum seekers.

They confirmed that a decision still hasn’t been made either way for the site.

By the end of March the Ecology and Transport reports should have been completed and the Home Office Officials will have more of an idea whether the site might be suitable.

If the decision to use the site goes ahead they suggested that it would take approx. 2 months to get it ready for use.

So I’m afraid no real update in terms of a decision but again as soon as there is any more information the PC will let you know.