Dear Residents

The Home Office set up a meeting planned for Tuesday 23rd February with Cllr Nicholas Prideaux (Chairman of BSPC), the Longparish PC along with the Leaders of TVBC and HCC , but at the last minute cancelled the meeting due to having little to update us on.  They continue to explore using this land to meet their statutory duty to accommodate destitute asylum seekers. The ecology survey has now been initiated and this will form part of the assessments, which include consulting with Nature England and undertaking a Habitats Regulations Assessment, a Transport Assessment and a Stage 1 Road Safety Audit. A health group has also been established with Home Office officials and local health partners. Once these reports have been completed the Home Office can decide whether to continue with the site.

The Home Office did stress that no decision has been made yet regarding the site.

I will be in touch again with updates as and when any more information comes available.


Jo Gadney – Barton Stacey Parish Clerk

01962 761287