New Barton Stacey Pavilion

Barton Stacey Parish Council is seeking to raise awareness and support for the establishment of a new, modern pavilion to replace the original one destroyed by fire.

  • This new building would fulfil a crucial, centralizing role in the recreational life of our community and a focus for general and specific use. This will lead to the restoration of its traditional use and increased use of the MUGA but also the accommodation of new users – Netball, Judo/Jujitsu, Yoga, Ladies Keep Fit and relevant committee activities.
  • Further development of this outdoor area for activities such as permanent table tennis, Petanque, Skittles, social activities such as outdoor birthday parties and picnics. Some of these activities could be of real benefit for older residents who, currently, have relatively few active, accessible opportunities.

Over the coming months the PC will be organising a publicity campaign, funding ventures, events and seeking external funding for a project which will have a lasting contribution to our community life.

Click on the link below to view a map of the recreation ground:-

Recreation Area march 22